28 dic. 2011

Calligraphy Visual Collection

2012 release
Online pre-sale

We continue to edit and support the hard work of talented artists. In this opportunity we join Silvia Cordero Vega.

Silvia has been represented by Un amor cayó del cielo since 2008 and we are interested in her work as much as in her knowledge. We believe in her talent as we watch her become the calligraphy referent in Argentina and Latin America.
Her talent together with the love we have for her, led us to conceive a Calligraphy Visual Collection that includes techniques, methodology, examples, pictures and inputs from renown  calligraphers worldwide.
All contents have been made, selected, and curated by Silvia and Un amor cayó del cielo.

We are in the process of designing and producing the book and we would like to invite you to be part of this moment.
This is why we created a pre-sale with some benefits to thank you for your confidence and support.

The first 2 books will be available during march. The first one will be ¨manual¨ style and the latter will be more visual.
During January and February you will be able to book one, or both in the following way:
- Choosing one book + a bonus gift.
- Choosing both books + bonus gifts with 10% OFF the entire purchase.
- Shipping to US and Europe will be available with extra cost.

You just need to send us an email to: unamorcayodelcielo@gmail.com and we´ll send you all the info you need and a pay pal account to pay for your book. As soon as the books come out of printing we will contact you to coordinate shipping.

We look forward to sharing this amazing piece of art with you shortly.

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